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3 Questions You Should Ask About Your New Installment Loan

by Laurie Washington

When you unexpectedly need money and your credit is less than stellar, one way to get what you need will often be an installment loan. However, this type of financial transaction can vary tremendously from one lender to the next, so it is a good idea to be an informed consumer. By asking the questions listed below, you can be sure you have chosen the most appropriate loan and lender for your needs.

#1-Will The Loan On Appear Your Credit Report For A Three Major Credit Reporting Agencies?

One common mistake is borrowing money without making that loan work for you. Specifically, you should verify that the transaction will help to improve your credit score each time that you make a payment and when the loan is paid back in full.

That information is likely to improve your credit score and make it easier, or less expensive, to obtain additional financing options in the future. Therefore, it should be provided by every lender. If it is not, you may want to consider arranging for alternate funding.

#2-What Is The Total Amount Of Money You Will Ultimately Pay Above Your Loan Amount?

Another important aspect that you should consider relates to the total amount of money you will be expected to pay back, above the sum that you are actually borrowing. For instance, the interest rate will obviously impact you, as will the origination fee, handing charges and any other miscellaneous charges that may be listed on your statement. It is important to understand those amounts and if necessary, have the lender translate the annual percentage rates and other fees into a specific dollar amount that you can easily understand.

While borrowing money is often necessary, there is no need to pay an excessive amount of money in fees to do so. Therefore, you should take a minute to assess the fees and make sure that you are making the most appropriate financial choice that you can.

#3-Can You Pay It Off Early Without Accruing Additional Fees?

One of the most puzzling charges you may run across is the fee you could be charged if you want to pay your loan off early. Whether you are doing so two weeks or twelve months before the scheduled pay-off, some lenders have been known to charge you for paying them their money back prior to the agreed-upon date. Since paying off the loan early will usually allow you to lessen other charges, it is usually a good financial choice. To fully benefit from an early pay-off, just make sure that your lender will happily take your last payment before the scheduled pay-off without any extra charges for doing so.

In conclusion, installment loans are a viable and popular option for many people who lack an acceptable credit score. Before committing to your new loan, you should be sure to ask the questions listed above of your lender.

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