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FAQ About Speeding Tickets & Jail

by Laurie Washington

Getting comfortable with driving a vehicle sometimes leads to you speeding without even realizing that it is happening. It is very important to glance down at the speedometer every now and then to ensure that you are not speeding. If you were in such a situation and was issued a speeding ticket, paying it on time should be one of your top priorities. If you disagree with the ticket, there should have automatically been a court date set so you can contest it in front of a judge. This article has a few answers to questions that you might have in mind about speeding tickets and the consequences of not paying them.

Is a Court Appearance Mandatory?

It is not usually mandatory to appear in court for a simple traffic ticket, but it depends on the laws in your state. If you don't intend on appearing for court, you will likely need to call the phone number on your ticket and discuss paying the fine. A traffic ticket can usually be paid off in several payments, but the minimum monthly payment amounts might be at the discretion of the court clerk. Keep in mind that you will likely still need to visit your local courthouse if you don't appear before the judge. The reason why is because documents will have to be signed that shows you agree with the traffic ticket and intend on paying the fine.

What if a Speeding Ticket is Left Unpaid?

It isn't in your best interest legally to leave your traffic ticket unpaid. You are obligated by law to pay the ticket in full or face the consequences, which can lead to several types of punishment. For instance, an arrest warrant will be issued that will end in you being taken to jail. The amount of time that you will spend in jail depends on your previous offenses and the specific laws in your state. You might also be faced with another fine for failing to pay off the ticket.

How Can a Bail Bonds Company Assist?

If you find yourself locked behind bars for not paying off the speeding ticket, you will likely have the opportunity to be bailed out of jail. Don't worry if you don't have the funds to bail yourself out of jail. A bail bonds company can be contacted to handle the task on your behalf, but you will have to pay the money back. The bail bonds company will basically visit the jailhouse and provide your name, booking number, and other pieces of information so you can be released. Be sure to pay the money back as agreed if you don't want to risk bounty hunters finding and transporting you back to jail.