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3 Great Insights To Consider When Carrying Out A Company Merger

by Laurie Washington

Sometimes the best thing you can do from a strategic standpoint of running a company is merging with another company. It gives you access to more assets and talent. To ensure this company merger goes according to plan, consider these tips. 

Check Financial Health of Other Company

Before you pursue a merger with another company, it's smart to check out their financial health. After all, you want to make sure you're partnering with a company that can, in fact, benefit you from a financial standpoint. 

Conducting this financial assessment shouldn't prove too difficult. Just look at their profits for the previous few years. If their profits are trending upward, you can feel more confident completing the merger. Conversely, if the company is in a downslope and poses some financial risk, you may want to put the merger on halt until the necessary adjustments are made.

Establish Clear Goals 

So that both companies are on the same page before, during, and after this merger, you need to establish clear goals. Think about why you're moving forward with a merger in the first place. It may be to gain a strategic edge on a particular competitor or to gain capital a lot faster.

You'll also want to create goals for the next couple of years, detailing what it is you expect to get out of this merger. When both companies are cognizant of these goals and agree on them, you can resolve potential conflicts and help this merger remain mutually beneficial for many years to come.

Reduce Staff

Since two companies are coming together after this merger, there will more than likely be roles that overlap. You thus will need to make some difficult decisions about who to let go within your company. This is the only way to cut costs and ensure operational efficiency once the merger is carried out.

When thinking about what roles to eliminate, keep in mind the overall impact. You want to keep positions that will have a dramatic impact on the new company moving forward while getting rid of roles that you could honestly do without. Just make sure you don't engage in any unfair firing practices. 

There are many companies that merge with others today. It can be strategic for many reasons. If you're about to partake in this merger, it's important to know what this process involves in advance. Study your assigned role and be open to change. Taking this approach will help you avoid a lot of obstacles.

Reach out to a company that offers services and advice for mergers and acquisitions to learn more.