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Key Reasons To Consider Video Banking Services For Your Bank

by Laurie Washington

As the owner of a smaller local bank, you may be looking for ways to give your bank an edge against some of the larger national banks in your area. One thing you may be considering is the possibility of offering video banking services for your customers. Here are a few things that you should know as you are trying to decide if video banking is a worthwhile investment.

Video Banking Makes Your Customers Happy

When you add video banking services, you can be more confident that you are increasing overall satisfaction among your customer base. That is because consumers are always looking for increased convenience and services provided on their schedules and in their preferred manners.

Video banking eliminates the need to physically wait in line at a bank branch to speak with a teller in person. Instead, your customers can connect directly with a teller through the video banking platform to complete the banking business they need or to get their questions answered.

Video Banking Provides Automation With A Personal Touch

While most consumers appreciate automation, the completely automated systems of app banking and telephone banking eliminate a lot of the human communication factor. For many people, this can leave them a little bit uncertain about the success of the tasks that they are trying to complete. In those situations, having a person to communicate with is beneficial.

Video banking bridges the gap between digital services and personal interaction. Customers are able to work with a teller directly, getting the personal service that they appreciate while they are also able to maintain their automated, digital convenience services.

Video Banking Promotes Health And Safety

Any time you can provide personal communication without personal contact, you increase the safety of your banking services. Particularly during cold and flu season, you can minimize the transmission of contagious diseases by encouraging customers to use video banking services.

Less disease transmission also means that you lose fewer employee hours to illness. You will be able to keep your bank branch functional and fully staffed for longer terms during the winter months when there are fewer colds and illnesses being spread through the bank.

These are a few of the many reasons why you should consider implementing video banking services for your company. Talk with a provider today about the platform options so that you can find a video banking service that is right for your facility.